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We host swing dances and provide swing dance instruction and classes in the Los Angeles/Long Beach/Orange County areas of Southern California. Find out more about us by clicking here.

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You never need a partner to come to the dances or classes, but we always encourage you to bring your friends! Swing dancing is a great social activity to do with your friends or make new ones.

Looking for a fun partner dance to do to the music you hear in bars and clubs? Then check out our West Coast Swing classes.
Love Swing and Jazz music? Looking for a high energy dance? Then you'll love Lindy Hop.
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Swingin the Blues (all ages)
Thursday in Irvine

Weekly West Coast Swing dance in a great venue.

DJed Blues, Soul and Contemporary Hits!

Beginning, Intermediate, Int/Adv and Advanced WCS classes.

Check out Jack & Jill O'Rama in June!!! An awesome local event with workshops, tons of dancing, and FUN contests!

We also offer private lessons
Privates are a great way to work at your own pace and get the individual attention you need.

Check out what the rest of the dance community has to offer. Southern California has a great swing dance community. Check out the calendar, dance map, and links page to find out more about what's going on and other dances and classes being offered around the area.

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Check out Jack and Jill O'Rama June 11-14!

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